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New episodes in Cyprus regarding immigration – “They have nothing to do with dealing with it” says the PtD

We will deal with it migratorysaid the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulidis, stressing that he says this “knowing the meaning of every word I mention”.

In his statements to the journalists, in Vavla, after the memorial service of the hero Michalakis Paridis, the President of the Republic was invited to refer to new episodes in Limassol on Friday night, he said that “there is not much that can be said, other than the embarrassing images we saw. And they have nothing to do with dealing with Immigration.

If all those involved (in the incidents) loved or cared about our country, they would not have taken such actions which above all insult our country.

So, we have to separate the two issues. Dealing with immigration is something else and there are concrete results within these six months, such as the reduction in the number of those who come, more returns than those who arrive in our country, examination of more applications (asylum) of the order of 80% and, yes, we have a specific plan and design and I can state today, knowing the meaning of every word I mention, we will deal with immigration. Well, what we saw last night has nothing to do with immigration and we should not confuse the two issues.

It is a matter of public order. I have convened a meeting with all those involved in the presence of the legal service of the Republic, precisely to discuss what happened yesterday.

In general, such phenomena do not honor our country under any circumstances and some people must also reflect on the responsibilities. We have to be very careful when we speak publicly and I want to repeat that it has absolutely nothing to do with dealing with immigration.”

Asked about the issue of the management of the incidents by the Police, the President of the Republic said that “the Chief of Police, as well as those responsible for yesterday’s operation, who I myself had spoken to before to make sure there was planning, will be at the meeting today, precisely to inform me specifically what has been done.”

When asked if the government will support those whose property was damaged in yesterday’s incidents, President Christodoulidis said that “the government will stand by, but at the same time, and one reason the legal service has also been invited, is to see if there is a relevant provision in the law for those who are convicted especially in the criminal prosecutions, those who are responsible and have been arrested, if and as long as of course it is proven that they are responsible, they should also bear the financial cost of their actions”.

Source: News Beast

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