New Hulusi Akar delusion: We will not allow Greece to violate our rights in the Aegean


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New shots fired against Greece and Cyprus, fired by the Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar, speaking to officers who had previously been in Libya as part of their service.

Speaking about the tension between Greece and Turkey in recent months, Akar accused our country of “provoking” the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, stressing that Turkey will not allow the violation of its “rights” in the region.

“Unfortunately, from the Greek side, there are always challenges, escalation of crises, disrespect for international law and rhetoric of threats. “On the other hand, we declare that we will not allow our rights to be violated in any way, no matter how many provocations you want to make and no matter how many NAVTEX you publish,” said the Turkish Minister of Defense, who was in favor of peace, referring to Greece. and dialogue with our country, but reiterating the warnings against our country. He asked the EU and the US not to become part of the Greek-Turkish dispute.

Akar specifically stated: “We support the dialogue, that is the important thing. But if there is an indifference to the dialogue, to our rights and entitlements and there is an attack on them, then we want everyone to know that we are extremely determined to protect them (…) In third countries we tell them that we should not in any way problems between Turkey and Greece, to be discussed as problems with Europe, the EU and America “.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, the Turkish Minister of Defense reiterated the firm position of Ankara and the pseudo-state, for a “Turkish sovereign and independent state” in Cyprus. “There is no other solution,” he clarified.

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