New Instagram ad reminds Facebook that exists too

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At the moment, the social network Facebook has the most registered users, but this does not mean that the platform remains the most popular. And now, apparently, the developers of this site decided to try to bring users back by creating a special advertisement for another social network of the company – Instagram. In the foreseeable future, when the testing and configuration stage is over, advertising banners will appear on this social network, which should help to return Facebook to its former glory – in this advertisement they will show unique chips that no one else on the network has.

The news outlet Engadget, which was able to get acquainted with new ads during the testing process, reports that new banners are located at the top of the user’s feed. They will remind people of those functions that are available exclusively on the Facebook site – the social network, judging by the advertising, helps to find a job, meet other people on the Internet, buy or sell goods, and find out the latest news. Quite a strange statement, because in addition to the first point, all of the above is also on Instagram, not to mention competing social networks.

At the moment, the test is available only to a small audience of users, and the advertising message itself can be deleted. But, on the other hand, it still causes bewilderment – the world’s largest social network, which literally every Internet user knows about, advertises itself on the site of its own smaller social network. Moreover, with a high degree of probability, we can say that such advertising will not work, since Facebook and Instagram are fundamentally different platforms, whose users also differ quite noticeably in their interests and goals.

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