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New large-scale raid in Donetsk says how Russia repelled – Ukraine counter-attack?

New large-scale raid by Ukrainian armed forces in Donetsk region says repulsed Russia, through its Ministry of Defence, inflicting massive casualties on personnel and destroying eight Leopard heavy tanks. “After suffering heavy losses the day before, his regime Kiev reorganized the remnants of the 23rd and 31st motorized brigades into separate reconstituted units, which continued offensive operations,” the ministry said via Telegram.

“They were defeated by complex fire from (Russian) army forces, aircraft, missile forces and artillery, as well as heavy flamethrowers,” he added.

On Monday, Moscow reported that Ukrainian forces had launched a large-scale offensive in the Donetsk region, although it was not yet clear whether this was their much-discussed counter-offensive.

Ukrainian officials have not commented on Donetsk and dodged questions on the issue yesterday.

In a propaganda video he distributed the day before Sunday, demanding everyone’s silence about the actions of the army, the ministry of defense said that “the beginning” of the counterattack “will not be announced”.

Russia’s defense ministry said its forces destroyed 28 tanks, including 8 Leopards sent to Kiev by its Western allies, as well as 109 armored fighting vehicles (AVM). He estimated that the Ukrainian losses amounted to 10,500 military personnel, without clarifying whether this number refers only to dead or wounded.

Kiev has not yet commented on Moscow’s claims, according to Reuters and the Athens News Agency.

Both sides in the 16-month-old war often say they inflicted heavy losses on the other, something impossible to independently verify.

Russian airstrike in Kiev repelled, officials say

Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials said in the early hours of the morning that Russia’s new air strike against Kiev had been repelled and that air defense arrays shot down more than 20 cruise missiles as they approached the capital.

“All [σ.σ. οι ρωσικοί πύραυλοι] were shot down, there were no hits,” Serhii Popko, head of the Kyiv military administration, said via Telegram. This claim is impossible to independently confirm.

Reuters reporters heard explosions as the city was on alert for more than four hours after sirens started sounding after midnight.

Debris damaged roads and trolley lines in the Desniansky district, according to the city’s military administration. This district, on the left bank of the Dnieper river, is the most populous in Kiev.

According to initial information, there are no casualties.

Ukrainian authorities have been generally asserting lately that they shoot down the majority of Russia’s kamikaze missiles and UAVs.

Kiev and Moscow blame each other for the “destruction” of a large dam in Nova Kahovka

In the meantime, the Ukrainian army accused the Russian armed forces of “blowing up” the dam in Nova Kahovka (Kherson, south), while pro-Russian authorities in the region spoke of a “serious terrorist act” by Ukraine.

According to Russian state news agency TASS, the dam has been at least partially, if not completely, destroyed and the area is flooding. TASS cited an unnamed source familiar with the developments.

The Russian state news agency RIA reported for its part, citing the pro-Russian mayor of Nova Kahovka, that the upper part of the dam was destroyed by Ukrainian shelling.

Kiev spoke of “blowing up the dam by the Russian occupation forces”. The command of the southern sector of the Ukrainian armed forces said that “the extent of the destruction, the speed and volume of water and the areas that are likely to be flooded are being clarified.”

This dam had already been damaged during the war.

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant – Europe’s largest – is not considered to be at ‘critical risk’ due to the dam collapse in Nova Kahovka, a pro-Russian official in that region of Ukraine said, according to Russian state news agency TASS.

Source: News Beast

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