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New round of political conflict in the Parliament, against the backdrop of the examination – The government’s positions and strategies

Of Dimitris Gatsiu

Political conflict over surveillance, part two. After the clash between the prime minister and the leaders of the opposition parties in the Parliament, last Friday, which essentially defined the country’s entry into a prolonged pre-election period of tension, today and in the plenary session, the tones are expected to rise again of the confrontation.

At noon, the discussion of the proposal submitted by the PASOK-KIN.AL Parliamentary Group begins. for the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry, which will investigate the case of monitoring Mr. Androulakis’ phone, with the parties taking “battle” positions.

In the government “camp”, who read with satisfaction the first opinion polls, which came to light and, as executives comment, “disprove the estimates of SYRIZA for overturning the political scene, recording the consolidated scene of the last years”, they consistently point towards the oft-expressed “light to all” position.

New Democracy, with the facts so far, will vote “present” in the parliamentary process, with the approval, however, considered a given, as the recommendation of the examination will receive the approval of SYRIZA, PASOK-KIN.AL., KKE , of Hellenic Solution and MeRA25.

“New Democracy will not submit a proposal for a second commission of inquiry. Thus, after all, it will honor the opportunity it gave to the parliamentary minority – with its proposal adopted during the last constitutional review – to proceed with the establishment of Commissions of Inquiry”, is the transmitted signal. The framework for a new confrontation, friction, however, will be the “blue” request for an extension of the investigation of the period that will be put under its… microscope by the investigating agency. The New Democracy has asked for the extension over a decade, a point that it will bring back to the current parliamentary process.

“Through this investigation committee, two things must be done at the same time. The first thing that must be done, of course, is to immediately, fully, in all its depth, investigate the case of Mr. Androulakis.

Those who need to be questioned should be questioned and answer what they will be asked and, from there, the conclusions of the political parties will be drawn through their representatives in the Commission of Inquiry and the whole procedure should be followed, as foreseen.

The second thing that needs to be done is to come to conclusions and institutional moves to shield the procedures, so that we have the greatest possible protection of fundamental rights, without at the same time jeopardizing the basic purpose and object of the secret services.

In order to achieve this, what the government supports is that it would be very useful to hear the views, the thoughts, to inform the inquiry committee, the way in which other administrations, except the last one, in the previous years, the EYP, managed respective issues”, noted (Cosmos fm) the government representative.

“It will be important to see what it means that the reasons why legal connections are made cannot be circulated as flyers. It will be important to see the number and amount of legal connections in all previous years. Not for offsets.

To see useful conclusions on chronic pathologies, to confirm that these are not just about an administration or a person appointed by a particular government, but it is a way of operating the secret services that performs the right things, has weaknesses that must be be corrected.

And through this process let’s all become wiser and take the best possible decisions and initiatives, so that we don’t face similar phenomena again in the future”, added Mr. Economou.

With the opposition parties, however, rejecting, in advance, the specific move, the government faction is expected to…pass over the specific point of friction, attempting to broaden the discussion within the work of the examination. Calling, for example, persons who served as EYP commanders during the ND-PASOK and SYRIZA-ANEL governments as witnesses. That is, from 2012 until 2019.

Source: Capital

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