USA: 10-year-old boy saves his mother from drowning in their pool – ‘He is my guardian angel’

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Gavin Keeney, one 10 year old from Oklahoma of USA turned into “super hero” to save his mother who almost drowned in their home pool. The security camera from their home recorded the moment Gavin fell into the pool to save his mother, who had a seizure while swimming.

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Lori Kinney said she and her child were having a “great morning” until they decided to go in the pool for a swim. “Gavin had just gotten out of the pool when I had a seizure,” the woman said, adding: “It scared me more than I’ve ever been scared.” Lori, as noted in a related article Good Morning America”, she is epileptic and prone to seizures.

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Gavin saw his mother ‘yeah it sinks in pool». Without a second thought, the little boy dived into the pool, carried his mother to the ladder and held her head of above the water for more than one minute before his grandfather jumped in to help her.

I was a little scared” said the little “super hero”.

The Kingston Police Department later awarded Gavin prize for his bravery.

“He is definitely my hero,” the mother emphasized, “I really feel like he is my guardian angel,” she added, full of pride, for her child’s bravery.

Source: News Beast

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