New Xiaomi smartphones will not become obsolete even after 4 years. How did they achieve this

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Ahead of the release of the new flagship Xiaomi 12S series, the Chinese manufacturer has announced a new FBO (File-based Optimization) storage technology that prevents the device from degrading during the first years of use. It is reported by IXBT with reference to MyDrivers.

FBO will prevent performance degradation during extended use – according to official tests, the read and write speed of the drive will practically not decrease even after four years, thanks to which the gadget will work like new (less than 1% difference).

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It is reported that the new technology was supported by key storage manufacturers, including Western Digital, Micron, Samsung and SK Hynix. What’s more, FBO is recognized by the Semiconductor Engineering Standards Committee (JEDEC) and is included in the official UFS 4.0 certification for next-generation storage devices.

According to official data, FBO will debut in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra smartphone, which is expected to be released in early July. By the way, the read speed of its drive will be 1900 MB / s. There is hardly any doubt that the new technology will be supported by subsequent Xiaomi smartphones (at least the flagship ones).

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Source: Trash Box

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