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Nicole Kidman and that dress she wanted to “steal” from the set

It is not so strange that an actor, after a long time spent on a set, feels the need to take a souvenir with him, maybe as a memento or maybe because of an emotional bond that has been created with the character. Many do it, but not Nicole Kidman. Which however has to live with some small remorse.

Nicole Kidman.

Stephane Cardinal – Corbis/Getty Images

The actress tells it in an interview with Vogue in which, for the column Off the Cuffanswers a series of questions along with Joey Kingwith whom he shared the set of the new film A Family Affair. There were many questions about the working life of the two and among these was the question: “Which dress would you have liked to keep from the set?” The colleague Joey Kingwithout even thinking too much, identifies her all-pink outfit shown off in Bullet Train While Nicole Kidman pulls out of the hat a legendary look that comes from Moulin Rouge.

“I would have liked to keep the dress with the pink feathers, because they are so beautiful.” This is what the actress says, remembering one of the costumes she wore as Satine, the star of the night club. In particular, it is the dress Pink Diamonds featuring a pink diamond corset and a voluminous ostrich feather skirt chosen by the film’s costume designers Catherine Martin And Angus Strathie.

The feathered costume used in the movie Moulin Rouge.

The feathered costume used in the film Moulin Rouge.

Michel Boutefeu/Getty Images

However among the wishes of Nicole there is not only the dress of the film directed by Baz Luhrmannbecause she adds that there is another object worn for a film and that she would have liked to keep: «The round glasses of Eyes Wide Shut».

Nicole Kidman in a scene from Eyes Wide Shut.

Nicole Kidman in a scene from Eyes Wide Shut.

/ ipa-agency.net

As she confides, she never takes anything from the sets, and she’s a little sorry about it. But does she really not keep anything at all? Not really: in fact, the star claims to keep all the couture dresses. In short, she won’t have the stage clothes in her closet, but in their place she certainly has something to console herself with thanks to the wonderful outfits she has worn over all these years.

Source: Vanity Fair

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