Nigeria: A deadly attack on a mosque in the state of Niger

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A group of gunmen opened fire on a mosque in his state Niger, in Northern Nigeria, killing at least 18 worshipers, The gunmen entered the community Mass-Cuckoo, in the periphery Masegu, around 17:00 on Monday (25/10).

The news agency Reuters cites the testimony of two residents, who stated:

“As soon as they arrived, they went straight to the mosque and started throwing at the believers indiscriminately,” he said. Abdulganiyou Hassan. THE Hassan he added that the militants abducted at least ten civilians. THE Belo Ayuba, a resident of the community and an eyewitness, added that at least 20 other people were injured.

THE Βmountains and the KCentral Nigeria has been the scene of frequent armed gang attacks for nearly a decade, which authorities generally refer to as bandits – “thugs”, or “bandits” – and who raid villages, commit animal theft, looting, murder and kidnapping for ransom.

However, state and local officials in his state Niger pointed out earlier this month that the jihadist organization Boko Haram It has spread there and has occupied several communities, offering money to villagers and joining its ranks to fight against government forces.

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