Nightmare in the air for 175 passengers: Lightning struck a plane in Russia – Watch the video

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Scary moments the 175 passengers survived flight in Russia, when their Boeing 737-800 was hit by lightning and was forced to make an emergency landing.

In the video published by the Daily Mail, children and passengers are heard screaming while the plane is shaken as it has fallen into a storm and then was hit by lightning. The plane departed from Yekaterinburg bound for Sochi but was forced to abandon its flight plan and make an emergency landing in Krasnodar.

“It was just scary,” said one of the passengers, while another said he said goodbye to his wife as he was sure he would die.

“It simply came to our notice then lightning strike. “There was a loud noise and then a light,” describes a passenger.

“We were all shocked. A woman next to me said her prayer and when the lightning struck us I turned to see what was happening and a man was so terrified. “I will never forget his look,” said another passenger, Anna.

“THE people were screaming, the children were crying, it was awful. “And then everyone started saying goodbye to life and panicking,” Anastasia recalls.

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