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I saw Titanium, the film that won the Palme d’Or at Cannes of which Nanni Moretti had wisely wrote on Instagram that he suddenly understood that he had grown old because he had not won but a film in which the protagonist becomes pregnant with a Cadillac. And we all thought «pregnant with a car? It will be a sensational intellectualistic blowjob ». Instead I saw it and found it beautiful.

In my opinion, if Nanni sees it, he likes it too. In September I had a cinema orgy in half-empty rooms. That of capacity (cinemas, theaters, concerts) is a real problem and now Minister Franceschini needs to deal with it: it makes no sense to travel crowded and penalize culture, it means judging artists as new people as when they were buried in desecrated land. . I’ve seen movies of Moretti, Bellocchio, Villeneuve e Rachid. But the only director who threw my heart – and other scattered organs, including my stomach – into orbit was Julia Ducournau with Titanium. I warn: it is a disturbing film, especially at the beginning. I saw him with three friends and one of them inveighed the “boiata full of fashionable clichés.” There are violent and knocking scenes, even if in the end you understand what they were for, and others – like when Alexia gushes motor oil from her breasts – that make you giggle. But while the older friend protested, we remained silent, touched, as when we witness something remarkable, to be worked out. The director – Parisian, 37 years old, making her second feature film, special signs beautiful – has invented a true contemporary love story. Not just the one between the girl (the magnetic Agathe Rousselle, actress and model identical to ours Achille Lauro) and the Cadillac, but above all the poignant one between the fire brigade commander (a very cool sixty-year-old, Vincent lindon) and his son, the one missing and the one found. I will not tell more. But I wanted to share an emotion, waiting to do it sitting close, at least like on a train.

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