Traveling with less than 10 euros? Giovanni Arena teaches us this

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Can you really travel for just € 9.99? And is it possible to make a nice trip abroad in 24 hours?

Giovanni Arena he reveals all the tricks on low cost travel in his book Welcome to Economy Class, uAn interactive 3.0 guide in which in each chapter it tells a story, a different experience, with itineraries and suggestions to better enjoy our next trip.

1- When did you realize you wanted to be a travel creator?

I have always enjoyed traveling. And I’ve always had a certain passion for social media. Consider that my first experiences date back to 2009 with Facebook when I opened a page dedicated to Lady Gaga! It was super professional (it still is). But now I focus on my work, and when I started exploring the communication of TikTok, I understood what I wanted to do. That is to share my passion for traveling on TikTok, with people who love travel exactly as I love them: crazy, low cost, maybe even uncomfortable, but still allowing you to experience what’s on the other side of the world.

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2- What was it like for a traveler like you not being able to move during the lockdown?
I’ll tell you, it wasn’t too bad for me, because I was able to escape and travel with videos. Initially I just had to accept a different reality than usual, then as soon as they opened anyway I couldn’t resist a day, but I must say that it is thanks to the lockdown that I started making videos, because I never thought of sharing them before.

3- In which place in the world did you feel most at home?
New York City, having grown up on bread and sex and the city, it was like being on the sofa in my house.

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4- Do you recommend a trip to do in 24 hours?
I have made the best 24h trips in UK in fact in the guide I talk about those. The UK it costs a lot, and since I’ve always wanted to visit it anyway, the only way to do it was to travel for 24 hours, hence the idea of ​​what to do “in a few hours”.

@giovanniarena_Reply to @ elenadibenedetto2 first thing I learned at the University: heuristics ♬ original sound – Giovanni Arena

5- Where have you been for the first time spending 9.99 euros?
My first return plane ticket at 9.99 I got it for Edinburgh, in fact, the book opens with this city, which was the first to have inspired me to travel low cost.

9.99 is a lifestyle that I share every day on my social networks, it is not only a price of a possible plane ticket, but it is also symbolic, it represents in a certain sense the question of the economic offer that you do not let go of because you want to have it because I feel the need to travel.

6- When and why did it occur to you to write this book?
A year and a half ago, when I realized I could help people discover a world they didn’t know.

7- What is the funniest thing that happened to you while traveling?
Traveling with strangers traveling because I didn’t think I was having fun with people I didn’t even know! Instead it was super !! Chapter 5 talks about the agencies that bring people together to travel together!

8- The strangest thing you ate on one of these trips?
Haggis – the sausage symbol of Scotland, cooked with sheep entrails.

@giovanniarena_Reply to @ elenadibenedetto2 first thing I learned at the University: heuristics ♬ original sound – Giovanni Arena

9- The destination that you would recommend for the Christmas holidays?
Please New York! Let’s go together because I dream of it!

10- What do you recommend to a person who wants to learn how to spend less for traveling?
That organization is the basis of low cost travel! When you develop the ability to organize travel years in advance, you will be able to visit the world there! But you must never close the page Google when you see “5 € ticket” because you don’t know whether to buy it! Better to lose € 5 than to spend € 80 the next day when you re-fresh the page!

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