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Nike⁠ Run Club 4.9.7

Nike⁠ Run Club 4.9.7

Nike+ Running – a handy app for all running lovers. The program keeps detailed statistics of your activities, including the distance covered, average speed and intensity of running, the track of the track is recorded. Before starting an activity, you can select the type of run: normal, speed, or distance. In addition, you can select a music playlist that will sound while running.

After the end of the lesson Nike+ Running will invite you to evaluate your well-being. The program shows detailed data for each session, allowing you to compare the results of past races. Application Nike+ Running constantly reminds you that you can improve your results, even a little, but increase the distance or add a little speed. This spurs on to new achievements, to small victories over oneself.

Lovers of indoor running on a treadmill are not forgotten either. A special mode is provided for them, which does not read data from a GPS receiver and does not record a track track.



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