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Nikki Haley is pictured writing 'make them' on an Israeli shell

The hapless candidate for the Republican nomination to be the US right-wing party's November 5 presidential nominee, Nikki Haley, was photographed writing “destroy them” on an Israeli rocket during a visit to northern Israel, near on the border with Lebanon, a snapshot made public via X by an Israeli parliamentarian. Danny Danon MP, his country's former UN ambassador, accompanied Nikki Haley, also a former UN ambassador, on her visit near the border. “'Make them,' that's what my friend the former ambassador wrote,” Danny Danon said in a caption above a photomontage in which, among other things, the Republican is depicted in a deep seat as she writes something with a marker on a shell. She also wrote the phrase “America has always loved Israel,” replacing the word “love” with a heart. Ms. Haley did not specify who the “them” was referring to. Mr. Danon implicitly but clearly implied what he was referring to […]
Source: News Beast

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