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Nippies, pasties or simply nipple covers – there’s a reason they’re coming out more and more out of the closet

Nippies, pasties or simply nipple covers – there’s a reason they’re coming out more and more out of the closet

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For her, two golden hearts under the white tulle blouse. Ferragni jr. thus follows in the footsteps of his sister Clear that of the breast in sight has made a signal of freedom for women by encouraging them to show the body as they feel and want, beyond any social prejudice.

Today, thanks to fashion designers and celebs, therefore, nipple covers are part of the outfit. At fashion shows they have taken the place of lingerie, conceived as an exteriorization of something that once had to be hidden. Pasties no longer share space with items to conceal, such as adhesive tape or shoe insoles, and today we can really say it: they are the stars of the show.

So much so that at the biggest annual fashion event, the Met Gala, Dear Delevingne, in total Dior look, on the red carpet she wore a gold pair in the shape of a circle while the pop star Doja Cat, in Schiaparelli, she showed off a pointed metal pair at the latest Billboard Music Awards.

Cara Delevingne. Getty photo

Gotham / Getty Images

The nipple covers on the red carpet are not entirely new: born with burlesque as breast jewelry in satin, sequins, rhinestones, tassels, silk, they draw attention to the décolleté while masking at the same time. Their latest glamorous evolution is, therefore, more in line with this past than with the use that was then made of it to cover where necessary.

Dita Von Teese, queen of Burlesque. Getty photo

Theo Wargo

Chiara and Valentina Ferragni, Cara Delevingne, Doja Cat and others have chosen to wear these accessories to attract attention and tickle followers and observers. And this reinterpretation is in step with the broader changes that have taken place in fashion over the past couple of years. In the later stages of the pandemic, there was a increase in people who dress sexy in response to the looks oversize of the lockdown. And this trend then joined at the peak of interest in fetish aesthetics, see Kim Kardashian and her latex masks, as well as a proliferation of strings and daring cuts on and off the catwalk.

The 2022 version nipple covers also emphasize unequal censorship who have male and female bodies, as happens, for example, on Instagram where women’s breasts cannot be shown otherwise they are blacked out. Considering the various trick that fashion has found to show other parts of the breast (think of the new necklines and the boom ofunderboob), the time has come, after years that some celebs and stylists have tried to show the way (look at Miley Cyrus and Rihanna), to put women’s nipples in the right light, still considered a taboo today.

Because of this, in the gallery, in addition to the stars and fashion shows of today and a few years ago who contributed to the «free nipples» cause, some pasties to give us a thought.

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