That is why the queen did not want photographers at her meeting with Lilibet Diana

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For his first meeting with his granddaughter Lilibet Dianain Windsor, the day before Trooping the Colorthe Queen Elizabeth II had given specific orders: no photographer will be admitted. “It’s a family matter and he has to stay with the family,” His Majesty had said to his nephew Harry and his wife Meghan Marklewho instead wanted to capture the moment.

“It wouldn’t have been a photo for the family album, it would go straight to the US media or up Netflix“, The royal watchers were quick to explain, according to which at Buckingham Palace they were (understandably) worry: «The Queen knew very well, therefore he wanted to put a stop to it immediately”.

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According to what the Telegraph, however, the real explanation would be much less Machiavellian. It seems, in fact, that that day the sovereign got up with a very red eye: nothing to worry about, probably a banal blast of air (the next day, during the parade of the Armed Forces, the Queen was wearing sunglasses), but at Buckingham Palace they know well how attentive everyone’s gaze is on Her Majesty’s health And this small disturbance could have alarmed the subjects. A circumstance, certainly, not very opportune on the eve of the celebrations for the Jubilee.

Thus, aware of this, the Queen had categorically prohibited the presence of photographers at the meeting. The nephew, Prince Harry – again according to what the Telegraphhas understood and raised no objections. But later she let it be known that she is confident that she will soon have an official portrait of her daughter and her grandmother together: “It is the Duke’s express wish that the Queen and little Lilibet Diana be photographed together sooner or laterWrote the royal expert of the Telegraph, Camilla Tominey.

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Deprived of the shot with the sovereign, the first real of Lilibet Diana, after the christmas card of a family in which the child appeared in the arms of the mother, i Sussex they had to “adapt” to release to the public the first photo in which the child can clearly be seen, during her birthday party at Frogmore Cottage. A beautiful photo, in which, however, it did not appear no members of the royal house.

A shot – on closer inspection – a bit symbolic, which indicates how much the Sussexes are isolated and away from the family. In London, perhaps, more than anywhere else.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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