“No! Don’t Look!”, Jordan Peele’s New Movie, Brings Alien Horror

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A priori, we are talking about a film with a little complex synopsis. OJ (Daniel Kaluuya ) and Emerald Haywood (Keke Palmer ) are two brothers who ended up inheriting a famous ranch in California, dedicated to raising “actor” horses, after the mysterious death of their father.

Ricky “Jupe” Park (Steven Yeun ) is their next-door neighbor who occasionally buys some horses for a special show held at his mequetrefe theme park.

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All of these characters experience increasingly strange events in their small community, such as sudden power outages and inanimate objects falling from the sky.

Willing to capture anything that seems out of the ordinary on video, the Haywood brothers enlist the services of Angel Torres (Michael Wincott ), who install some cameras and wait.

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And we spectators wait with them.

With a rather slow first act, in an attempt to build the film’s tension, “No! Do not look!” delivers the best between the lines.

As usual in his career, with feature films and the series “Beyond imagination” (2019), the director Jordan Peele masterfully aligns the horror and suspense genres with the social problem of racism and prejudice.

In this film, that kind of commentary is mainly centered on the Haywood brothers.

The director establishes that this family is a direct descendant of the protagonist of the first “film” recognized by humanity: “The Horse in Motion”.

Created in 1878 by English photographer Eadweard Muybridge, this set of photos shows a black jockey leading a galloping horse. The montage of these moving images takes 3 seconds.

History does not know who this knight is, so Jordan Peele made use of his artistic freedom and gave him an identity nearly 150 years later.

In search of some historical reparation, the Haywood brothers need the so-called money shot, an image of something that, in this case, is not from this planet, that will lead them to stardom, more precisely to the Oprah show.

Which already serves as a starting point for another criticism of the director in this film: the society of the spectacle and the incessant creation of content to which we are subjected.

In addition to this Haywood brothers quest for fame, we have Jupe (Steven Yeun ) who created his amusement park as a way to deal with past trauma. He tries to attract bizarre phenomena to his show and capitalizes on them.

However, nothing is explicit. On the surface, it’s a movie about aliens, but it’s the viewer’s job to unravel and think about what they’ve just seen.

For the less adventurous, it will not be an easy task. The editing of the film, for example, does not contribute to this. She slows down the film’s pace by building it into chapters and using sharp cuts.

The dialogues are also not expository, functioning as metaphors for the film industry itself.

The film’s positive aspects, however, stand out. absent in “We” (2019), Jordan Peele’s second feature, the director’s poignant humor appears in the script of “No! Do not look!” which, in line with an impeccable sound montage and good visual effects, stands as yet another example that horror shouldn’t be limited to scares.

Boring for some, raging for others, this must be the Jordan Peele movie that will divide opinions the most so far.

The director, however, only wants one thing from the spectators: that they see the film in the cinema. This is the first horror feature filmed entirely in IMAX, a chance not to be missed.

“No! Do not look!” opens this Thursday (25) in Brazilian cinemas.

Source: CNN Brasil

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