Nolan Bushnell To Release NFT Collection Based On Atari Slots

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The founder of Atari will release an NFT based on the company’s classic slot machines via MakersPlace. NFT owners will be able to view slot machines in 3D.

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell and NFT MakersPlace have announced the Arcade OG series, a collection of collectible NFTs on Ethereum. The NFT will contain a video clip with a 3D rendering of the Atari Pong and Syzygy (predecessor of Atari) slot machines. Thanks to the augmented reality technology, you can see the digital gaming machine up close from all sides.

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The Arcade OG series is the result of a collaboration between Bushnell and artist Zai Ortiz, a 3D designer known for video games. The NFT collection includes five different slot machines. Some of them will be available at a fixed price for a limited time starting October 12, according to Bloomberg.

Other NFTs will be auctioned with bonus perks included. For example, the owner of the red NFT Pong will have the opportunity to visit the Two Bit Circus in Los Angeles with Bushnell, and the yellow NFT Computer Space will ship with Bushnell’s signed unopened Atari 2600 game console. Bushnell plans to further explore the NFT industry with future projects. He declared:

“I hope we can release collections every six months that will surprise our fans.”

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Recall that in March, Atari announced preparations for the release of its own collectible tokens (NFT) on the Atari Metaverse platform. Images, video and audio will be available as tokens.

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