North Korea launches at least one “missile of unknown type”

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THE North Korea launched at least one “missile of unknown type”, the South Korea’s General Staff.

This is as it seems for the 9th test rocket launch of Pyongyang since the beginning of the year.

“North Korea launches rocket of unknown type to the east”, towards the Korean Sea, which Tokyo calls Sea of ​​Japanthe South Korean staff said, without going into further details.

The new North Korean weapons test is being recorded a few days before the presidential election in South Korea.

The previous rocket launch took place on 27 February. North Korea has said it is testing systems to launch reconnaissance satellites.

According to the Japanese Coast Guard, the rocket that was launched already fell into the sea.

Ballistic missile launches from North Korea, a country with a nuclear arsenal, are banned by UN Security Council resolutionswhich has repeatedly imposed sanctions on the country because of its weapons programs.

With talks on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula at a dead end since 2019, North Korea went ahead with an unprecedented number of missiles in January. Apparently, it is preparing to launch a spy satellite in the near future. It has also hinted that it will resume testing nuclear weapons or intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) for the first time since 2017.

Analysts say Pyongyang could launch a major test of a missile or other weapon in Seoul shortly after the transfer of power, or on the national holiday of April 15.

After Joe Biden took over the US presidency a year or so ago, the Washington has repeatedly assured that it is ready to begin negotiations anywhere and without prerequisites with North Korea. Pyongyang, however, has so far rejected the offer, accusing the other side and its allies of “hostile” policies.

Yesterday Friday (4/3) h non-governmental organization 38 Northwhich is based in the United States and regularly monitors North Korean military activities, said that North Korea’s main nuclear facility has reached the peak of its activity and produces fuel for the construction of other nuclear weapons or for the expansion of the country’s nuclear power plants.

Source: News Beast

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