Norwegian handball team fined for refusing to wear bikini at Olympics

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The women’s handball team in Norway stated that it will not wear a bikini during the Tokyo Olympics this summer. The players decided to show off their new uniform during a match against Spain at the European tournament in Varna, Bulgaria.

However, the European Handball Federation (IBF) stated that by changing their clothing and wearing shorts shorts instead of bikini, each player on the team will have to spend 150 euros for defying the tournament rules, a decision that generated controversy around the world.

They want to change such an absurd rule

During an interview, Kare Geir, the president of the Norwegian sports federation, stated that the players are willing to pay. However, it is important to consider the comfort of the athletes and their decision to wear a different uniform.

Even so, the European Handball Federation (IBF) confirmed that although they were aware of the situation, it was not possible to change the rules. Andrew Barringer, one of his representatives, stated that wearing a bikini or shorts it was a decision that only the FIB could make.

A change of mind is needed

Norwegian women's handball team

Be that as it may, the fine that the Norwegian team players had to pay caused controversy, since, according to thousands of comments on social networks, the women’s team should have the same right as the men’s team to use shorts At the olympic games.

Important political figures spoke out in favor of the girls. Abid Raja, the Norwegian Minister of Culture and Sport, declared that a change in attitude and macho mentality is necessary in the international world of sport.

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