Not Cristiano Ronaldo! Boy plays soccer with cell phone in hand so as not to give it to his girlfriend

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When the boys invite us to their soccer games they always promise that their performance and style of play will be even much better than that of Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi and it is what many of us hope to see to applaud them.

However, this girl had to see how her boyfriend played for 90 minutes with his cell phone in hand because he did not want to leave it near her. His question, like ours, is how much was he hiding from him? Now TikTok users have divided opinions on this situation.

What happened crackwhy the fear?

TikTok user Lilbaddie posted a video showing how her boyfriend, aka him crack of soccer, he decided that instead of leaving his cell phone to her, he preferred to enter the field with him and hold him tightly while he demonstrated his great skills.

During the few minutes of the video, the boy moves around the court with the device in his left hand and even hits the ball. Meanwhile, the girl saw him outraged by the situation, because like her, we all wonder: what was he hiding or what were his fears? Did you want to show your skills?


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Only he knows the details, but the truth is that the video has already reached more than 1.3 million likes and nearly seven million views, as well as a large number of comments in which user opinions are divided.

On the one hand, there are those who say that “maybe she didn’t even want to check and he burned himself”, while others warned that the situation between them was not right, because the girl does not have to bother if she does not leave her mobile phone because ” your girlfriend should not check your cell phone without your consent ”.

Boy playing soccer with cell phone in hand

Similarly, others took the opportunity to joke that it was a kind of ritual to “have the blessing of the bug (Cristiano Ronaldo)” or that it is an amulet to score more goals.

Even so, this action is not clear to us, but the only thing we are sure of is that there are many red flags here.

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