Not only Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik: when couples are shattered by “the fault” of the mother-in-law

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Difficult relationships with the mother-in-law they are an eternal catchphrase that does not spare even “famous” couples. In recent days there has been a lot of talk about the breakup between Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, apparently caused by a violent discussion between the singer and his partner’s mother, Yolanda. The lady claims to have been assaulted by her “son-in-law” both verbally and physically. He admitted that there was a discussion, but he denies that he has been dealt with. What sparked the quarrel for now remains a mystery. What is certain is that the relations between Zayn and Yolanda were not supposed to be idyllic.

On the other hand, if in the spy story to find the culprit it is always necessary search the woman, in love stories, even VIPs, just look for the mother-in-law: it is she, most of the time, who wrecks couples who seemed unbreakable. For example when Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez in 2015 they broke up for the first time, several times the rumors pointed the finger at showgirl’s mother, Veronica Cozzani, portrayed as omnipresent and intrusive. After the flashback of spring 2019, in summer 2020 the couple broke out again. And just in those days a Made in Sud a joke by Peppe Iodice – “Your ex-mother-in-law called me” – gave Stefano the opportunity for a jab on live TV: “Change number, hear me!».

Katie Holmes, for his part, he preferred a divorce from Tom Cruise rather than continuing to battle two enemies: Scientology and the lady Mary Lee. The mother of the divo he lived with them, managing their lives – it is said – and treating Katie as his subordinate. The marriage of Sylvester Stallone e Brigitte Nielsen instead it would have been shipwrecked by the iron opposition of Jackie Stallone and for its intrusiveness. The lady would always wanted to manage his son’s life and assets and also caused problems for his first wife Sasha. Only the third, Jennifer Flavin, she would be able to stand up to her.

They couldn’t stand each other, according to insiders, not even the lady Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, mamma di Cristiano Ronaldo, e Irina Shayk. Pains according to the gossip he would always try to separate the son and the top. The couple then broke out in the spring of 2015. The supermodel in terms of mother-in-law would be particularly unfortunate. Even the lady Gloria, mom of her ex Bradley Cooper, in his opinion it would have been too present and cumbersome. True or not, that love is over too.

Also Angelina Jolie, at the time he was with Brad Pitt, she had bad relations with his mother, Jane. So much so that – it is said, even in this case – he sent back to the sender the gifts that his grandmother sent to his grandchildren. But the “Worst mother-in-law in Hollywood” would be the mother of Leonardo Dicaprio. The list of the star’s girlfriends who fled in front of mother Irmelin It is long: Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Toni Garn. The Lady he would live in symbiosis with his son, he would never approve of any bond and it would have been the cause of the separation of Leo and Gisele one step away from the altar. However, it seems that the actor’s current partner, the Argentine model Camilla Morrone, the go to genius. Perhaps this is precisely why history has been going smoothly for five years?


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