Now – Who takes care of our planet ?: the preview clip

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Is called Now – Who takes care of our planet? and it is the new documentary film directed by Jim Rakete, a unique work capable of telling with curiosity and effectiveness the wave of young activists who in recent years are slowly trying to change the world. Distributed in Italy by Wanted cinema, the film gives space and voice to the testimonies and appeals of six very young activists: Luisa Neubauer, Felix Finkbeiner, Vic Barrett, Nike Malhaus, Marcella Hansch e Zion Lights.

The desire for mobilization and active participation of young people to raise attention on climate change and on all the precautions that can be taken to spare the world the end that all scientists have predicted is, in fact, the heart of the film: from Greta Thunberg, become the leading figure of the world movement, to the Extinction Rebellion group, for these young people the rebellion is a tool in the fight in defense of the environment and, above all, of the future. A peaceful rebellion, but of great civil impact that is finally managing to make itself heard by the powerful of the planet to try to do something.

Jim Rakete thus asked some of the most important characters in terms of climate rebellion to tell what their motivations are, showing the audience the extraordinary energy that represents them. These are concrete, prepared, determined young people who base their speeches on studies, research and scientific evidence to ask everyone, politicians and non-politicians, to act for climate justice. From their words, an authentic and constant commitment is clear, capable of inspiring thousands of other young people with their example. Alongside their voices, the director combines interventions by scientists and experts and the points of view of adamant activists such as Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, rock legend Patti Smith and acclaimed director Wim Wenders.


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