Now you can work as an ice cream taster and earn up to a thousand dollars in pay

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This is probably the dream job of the vast majority. Finance Buzz, a finance consulting and analytics site, published an open call to find the right person for the job as an ice cream taster.

Just as you read it! According to its website, Finance Buzz offers to pay a thousand dollars to anyone who tries 52 flavors of ice cream from the famous Ben Jerry’s brand, a company that will also provide a gift card for $ 500 to buy the products.

Woman tasting ice cream

Ice cream is one of the most beloved desserts in America, with sales exceeding $ 6.8 billion last year alone, and with 45 percent of the public declaring it their favorite dessert.

In the world of ice cream, two names stand out among all: Ben and Jerry. Last year, Ben & Jerry’s was America’s best-selling ice cream brand with more than $ 800 million in sales. Despite its success, the company is not satisfied with selling the same old flavors, and last year, even in the midst of a global pandemic, the company launched 40 new products.

Woman tasting ice cream

The goal of Finance Buzz is to find a specialist who can evaluate each new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s fairly and clearly. The taster must try a new flavor every week for a whole year and rate certain aspects such as creaminess, ingredient distribution and flavor.

Anyone who wants to apply for the job must be at least 18 years old and live in the United States. The deadline to send your application is July 31, so there is still a little more than a month to do so.

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