Number of trips fell 41% during pandemic, points out IBGE

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Only 12.7% of households in the country had a resident who made at least one trip in 2021.

The data is from the National Survey by Household Sample (PNAD) of Tourism, released this Wednesday (6th) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

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In 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic, the index reached 21.8%.

The research aimed to quantify the flows of national tourists within the country and abroad, whether by car, bus or plane.

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Through an agreement with the Ministry of Tourism, IBGE identified that, in 2019, 20.9 million trips were made and, in 2021, 12.3 million, a decrease of 41%.

This retraction was mainly driven by the 62.3 million households where residents did not travel in 2021.

Of these, 53.7 million have an income of less than two minimum wages.

The IBGE wanted to know why these people did not travel last year, even with the improvement of the pandemic.

Considering all income brackets, lack of money was the main reason reported by 30.5% of respondents. Another 20.8% said they did not need it.

The research also shows the lower the income range, the higher the rate of people who did not travel due to lack of money.

Among households with earnings between one to less than two minimum wages, the rate reaches 21.8%. Among people who earn less than half the minimum wage, the rate reaches 44.4%.

The analysis highlights the category ‘Other’ among the reasons mentioned by Brazilians.

According to the survey, the response was oversized by adding causes related to the Covid-19 health crisis, such as closed borders, Covid-19 infection in the intended period of travel, and the need for social distancing.

The justification was chosen by 20.9% of respondents in 2021, here considering all income brackets.

Among the households that had people who moved, each residence had an average cost of R$ 1,331 with travel in 2021.

Of the total number of trips investigated in 2021, 10.5 million (85.4%) were for personal purposes, such as leisure, health care, visiting relatives and personal purchases.

Among households with income equal to or greater than one minimum wage, travel for leisure was predominant, reaching 57.5% in the range above four minimum wages.

Among the classes with income below half the minimum wage, the main reason for the trip was health treatment or medical consultation, around 35.1%.

In the income class above half the minimum wage and below one minimum wage, the main reason for traveling was visiting relatives or friends, 33.7% of respondents.

travel profile

The profile of trips made by Brazilians is well defined: car trips to the state of São Paulo, in search of sun and beach, accommodation with friends or relatives.

The main destination chosen by Brazilians was São Paulo. Last year, one in five trips (20.6%) went to the state of São Paulo.

Minas and Bahia come in second and third place, respectively, with 11.4% and 9.5%.

According to the study, domestic travel has always predominated, but has gained even more preference in the last two years.

In the year before the pandemic, about 3.8% of travel was international. In 2020, the index dropped to 2% and, in 2021, to 0.7%.

The PNAD also raised spending on tourism for the first time and revealed that the value of expenses fell during the pandemic.

In 2021, total spending on domestic overnight trips totaled BRL 9.8 billion, against BRL 11.0 billion in 2020.

The largest expenditures were on trips to São Paulo (R$1.8 billion), Bahia (R$1.1 billion) and Rio de Janeiro (R$1.0 billion).

About 57.2% of trips in the year were in a private or company car, 12.5% ​​in regular buses and 10.2% by plane.

As the main place of accommodation, the house of friends or relatives surpassed the other modalities, representing, in 2021, 42.9% among the alternatives.

Among leisure reasons, in 2021, 48.7% of trips were in search of sun and beach tourism.

Source: CNN Brasil

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