NVIDIA has created a neural network that turns the cubic world of Minecraft into a real one


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NVIDIA is developing an artificial intelligence tool called GANcraft that generates detailed videos from simple Minecraft voxel worlds. Looks awesome.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the gaming industry. It enhances legacy textures, generates synthetic voices for more compelling dialogues, or converts pixel art to lifelike visuals. And all these new tools are just the beginning. NVIDIA has been exploring the possibilities of creating entire worlds using artificial intelligence for several years.

While the developers of the classic game engine have to think through the design of the levels, painstakingly create textures, sounds and other elements by hand, and then process all this in real time, artificial intelligence will soon be able to generate the same content or even the entire game on its own. NVIDIA has previously shown the first prototypes of such an AI capable of creating computer worlds, as well as entire games. For example, the GameGAN neural network model was able to recreate a copy of Pac-Man.

The new GANcraft neural network was demonstrated at the GTC 2021 conference. The video, which lasts only a few seconds, shows how the voxel world of Minecraft turns into photorealistic worlds. In the future, GANcraft will be able to digitally reconstruct many of the impressive worlds from Minecraft. The neural network is similar to another tool called GauGAN, which generates realistic 3D images from simple line drawings. GANcraft works in a similar way: AI takes simple color and shape information and transforms it into realistic, detailed 3D objects. Thus, the voxel tree turns into a dense spruce, and a simple green zone into a flowering meadow.

With this technology, developers and game designers in the future will only have to visually mark the game worlds, and AI will take care of the rest, which will save a lot of time. The quality of GANcraft cannot be assessed unambiguously from the short video. At first glance, the graphics do not look as detailed as in modern games, but the level of realism is impressive.

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