Nvidia “slipped” adapters on old GPUs to miners. 30HX and 40HX models are based on Turing GPU


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Earlier this month, Nvidia unveiled Cryptocurrency Mining Processor (CMP) GPUs aimed specifically at miners.


Allegedly, such cards will satisfy the demand of miners, so that gaming video cards will not be so interesting to them. However, Nvidia’s announcement was not complete: prices were not disclosed to us, which is very important, and it was also unclear on which GPU the new items were based.

And while this is not so important with the correct price positioning, this data would still be interesting. Initially, it was assumed that only the older model 90HX received the GPU Ampere, and the rest are content with Turing chips. And now it has been confirmed for two lower cards: 30HX and 40HX.

The information was taken from a fresh Nvidia driver.


As you can see, the adapters are indeed based on the Turing generation GPUs. More specifically, the 30HX is based on the TU116, which also powers the GTX 1650 and GTX 1660, while the 40HX builds on the TU106, the heart of the RTX 2060 and RTX 2070.

Let us remind you that the two junior CMP adapters will be released in the current quarter, and the older ones will appear only in the second.


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