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NYT: Testimony on the war of the Ukrainian resistance in the occupied territories

The New York Times in its report titled “Behind Enemy Lines, Ukrainians Tell Russians ‘You’re Never Safe,'” writes that “illegal cells of the resistance are locating targets, sabotaging railroads and killing perceived collaborators, while are trying to irritate the Russian forces.”

The Ukrainian resistance fighter speaking to the newspaper, who goes by the name Svaroga, says the aim of the resistance movement is “to show (the occupation troops and the Russian government) that they are not at home, they should not settle and they should not sleep peacefully.” .

It also says that the Ukrainian military began training insurgents a few months before the invasion, when Russia was massing its troops on the border with Ukraine.

Melitopolis, a city in southern Ukraine, says Svaroga has “turned into a center of resistance” and adds that the blows they achieve on various targets (he cites for example the bomb planted in the spring in a patrol car that killed one policeman and wounded another even) send a message that “You will never be safe”.

Last week, an ally of his, Svaroga says, planted an explosive device in the car of Ukrainian Oleg Shostak who joined the United Russia party in Melitopol. During the explosion, Shostak was injured.

But in addition to the bombing actions, the resistance section “Zoltaya Lenta” is also operating illegally in the occupied territories of south-eastern Ukraine, which drops notices and spray-paints graffiti.

Source: Capital

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