Ojo de loca is not wrong: Discover her unfaithful boyfriend thanks to a granite

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Without a doubt, one of the biggest fears in relationships is infidelity. Therefore, it is practically a general rule of society that deception is one of the biggest betrayals. But even with this ideology reigning in the social conscience, the fact that it is quite common for them to occur does not go unnoticed, which is why most people are aware of the warning signs in their relationship, although sometimes these signs are wrong. rarer.

This is what happened to a young woman who decided to send the TikTok user the anecdote of how she discovered that she was being cheated on @amyreyhu, which is dedicated to telling anonymous stories that users share on networks. With more than five million followers, the influencers mexicana has earned its place on the short video platform just for making storytimeswhich are the way of calling gossip that occurs in the flesh, although in this case, Amy gives voice and face to these events.

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TikTok user tells how she discovered an infidelity thanks to a pimple

On this occasion, the gossip in question is about how a woman found out that they were unfaithful to her because of a pimple. It sounds weird, but it’s by no means the weirdest thing to come out of the internet. It turns out that the young woman was in a two-year relationship, but she points out that the man she was with had been behaving strangely for some time, which was the first and only red flag that the mother of the anonymous user needed to decree the following:

This guy already brings another one, mijita.


STORY TIME. PART 1. #foryoupage #fyp #lentils #fypシ #storytime

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

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However, even though mothers have a third eye, her daughter ignored her, so she continued their relationship until doomsday came. Unfortunately, it was the day of his birthday that he noticed a rather large pimple on his partner, an imperfection that would later become the executioner of the cockroach, because days later, through a false Facebook account, a person sent him a message , in which, with everything and compromising photos, they would reveal her boyfriend’s deception.

At the moment of confronting him, the cynic tried to go off on a tangent, saying that those photos were already a long time old, but the decisive proof that left him as a liar was the large pimple that days before caught the girl’s attention. In this way, the girl was able to confirm her suspicions and put an end to the relationship.


Part 2. #foryoupage #fyp #lentils #fypシ #storytime

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The two videos, which already have almost 23 million views, were filled with comments of all kinds, but the most prominent are those that highlight how common it is for pimples to appear in the same place, although many others only left his reaction.

‘I confirm, moms have that instinct’; ‘As María Félix would say, if she searches and finds it is to say goodbye. If not, better not look for him’; ‘I swear I always get pimples in exactly the same place!; ‘I have a pimple that breaks out in the same place every year for my whole life!! It has accompanied me so much that I even named it Enrique Iglesias’.

Source: Okchicas

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