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Olaf Solz: He asked for new dynamics in the Albania-B accession. Macedonia in the EU

Convinced that the consultation with Turkey inside NATO will soon reach a consensus on its accession Sweden and her Φινλανδίας in the Alliance, its chancellor said Germany, Olaf Solts and its prime minister Ολλανδίας, Mark Rutte, who met on Thursday night (18/5) in The Hague. The two leaders also pledged to continue supporting her Ukrainehowever, clarified that at present it is not possible to send heavy weapons beyond the twelve PzH 2000 self-propelled guns. They also called for the acceleration of the accession process of the Western Balkan countries to the EU.

The German government “welcomed the decision of Sweden and Finland to become members of NATO and decided to facilitate in every way the ratification of their accession. “I have the impression that many other countries want the same, and if there is the general will, they will join soon,” said Solz, adding that “the great efforts success”. Germany will contribute what is due to it in order to reach a consensus, he added. Mr Rutte, for his part, spoke of “historic decisions” on the part of Finland and Sweden, noting that statements by the Turkish side had been taken into account and that he was convinced that there would eventually be a common position on accession of the two countries.

As for Ukraine, the two leaders reiterated their willingness to continue to support it financially, politically, humanitarianly and militarily and referred to the twelve PzH 2000s they share (five in the Netherlands and seven in Germany), such as and in the education of Ukrainians in them. “I do not see the possibility of more at this time,” Rutte said, adding that “weapons systems could not be easily disposed of” what exactly would make sense in order to create a module. The Dutch Prime Minister also stated that the PzH 2000 is not intended for immediate use, but rather for the next phase, as it is necessary to train Ukrainian soldiers in these systems, which are very modern and complex. The two countries will also cooperate in this process, which has already begun in Germany.

The European perspective of the Western Balkans

Olaf Solz also referred to the European perspective of the Western Balkans, noting that “their successful integration is in our interest” and assured that it is very high in the priorities of both Germany and other EU member states. “EU credibility and geostrategic prudence”, and stressed that negotiations with the Albania and Northern Macedonia. He noted that this position will be supported at the forthcoming EU-Western Balkans Summit.

Asked about the current decision by the Federal Parliament to deprive Gerhard Schroeder of the privileges he enjoyed as former chancellor because of his positions in Russian energy giants, Mr Soltz spoke of a “reasonable and right decision, which would implemented “. However, he did not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. from his positions “in Russian companies.

Source: News Beast

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