Olena Zelenska: She complained to the WHO about the “unthinkable horror” that Ukrainians are experiencing since the war

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The First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, addressed the General Assembly World Health Organization and denounced the “unthinkable horror” experienced by her compatriots, from the first moment that the war in Ukraine.

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«No Ukrainian, adult or child, is sure to wake up tomorrow“Doctors can not be sure that their ambulances will not be bombed,” he said via video call.

At the same time, he stated that “the WHO is committed to protecting the most fundamental human rights, those of life and health”. “I could cite many horrible examples, but I will talk about one that shows the extent of the phenomenon. People have been hiding in the Kharkiv metro for three months (…) Live there with their children and animals. Because all these months Kharkov was bombed. “And now that the metro has to be put back into operation for the first time since the war, it turns out that there are hundreds of people who have not come to the surface at all for all this time.”

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Nevertheless, speaking in turn at the General Assembly, the Deputy Minister of Health of Russia Alexandra Dronova, denounced “attempts to politicize the Agency’s work” but also the “deviation from the principle of impartiality” in the execution of his work. “In this light, We ask the Director-General (of the WHO) not to allow the Agency to become a political platformHe added, explaining that Moscow considers it a “reliable partner” because it guarantees the warring parties “equal and full access” to health services.

Source: News Beast

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