Omicron 5 variant, the basic precautions not to get infected in the summer

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Of the high contagiousness of the new Omicron variants, BA.4 AND BA.5, we have already spoken. They are responsible for the resurgence of cases in recent months in South Africa and more recently in Portugal and in all likelihood in Germany and could create an early summer wave Also in Italy. Meanwhile, the current trend seems reassuring, however, as in recent weeks even if according to the latest ISS report the incidence has risen to 222 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. The RT, however, dropped to 0.75 from 0.82, even if it is calculated only on symptomatic cases for which, for some time now, it hasn’t told us much. More hospitalizations tell us: hospitals continue to empty. In the week ending June 9, the ICU employment rate of Covid patients fell to 2% against 2.3% of the previous week, that in the medical areas at 6.6% compared to 7.1%.

In short, this is the picture. With the’mandatory use of the mask which will disappear completely even indoors – except in hospitals and rsa – in mid-June. But pandemics do not end by political will and the risk of getting infected in the coming weeks could in short be a little higher than in the previous ones. We will clarify a little more with the next one flash survey of the ISS which should not arrive before the end of the month or even the beginning of July, clarifying which strains circulate and where in Italy. In the meantime, it is worth following some useful tips to avoid as much as possible the encounter with Sars-CoV-2 in its most recent sub-lineages. Also by virtue of the progressive loss of effectiveness of the antibodies generated both by recovery and by vaccination, at least for the contagion (from which vaccines have never defended us beyond a certain amount) and by the moderate form of the disease.

Never without a mask indoors

The first tip is continue to use the masks indoors. They are the most effective means of defense after vaccines and are strongly recommended for their ability to protect against suspended aerosol. Not only is the risk of contracting the infection reduced but, even if you come into contact with the virus, the amount inhaled is reduced. The possibility of using them should also be considered when you come into close contact with people outside your usual circle. Even outdoors, there are events and events: large gatherings, which have returned to regularity, still involve significant risks despite everything. As for the localssuch as bars and restaurants, it is better to choose those that have not started running to replenish the interiors and outdoor areas of tables and chairs but have maintained a certain order in managementpropose disinfectants and take care of cleaning between one customer and another.

Never without clean hands

Also pay attention tohand hygiene and if in doubt, given the wide availability of tampons of all kinds, both do-it-yourself and in pharmacies or in new generation laboratories, better take a test right away. The safety of those who live with us or those we associate with, especially the elderly or children, is at stake.

Never without a third dose

Finally, i vaccines: many millions of Italians did not carry out the booster with the third dose. They should get it soon because a plethora of investigations have found that two doses weren’t enough against the first Omicron variants, let alone the later ones. Even the frail, who are responding very poorly to the invitation, should take the fourth dose: only 17.2% of the over 80s have done it. Too little for autumn.

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