On domestic processors Elbrus Rostelecom launched the first private Russian cloud

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Rostelecom, with the support of MCST, announced “the creation of a cloud platform and the provision of cloud infrastructure services.” It is built on the basis of Elbrus processors (developed by MCST) and is referred to as the Russian cloud Elbrus. The operating systems are user environments “Elbrus Linux” from “MCST” and “Alt Linux” from “Basalt SPO”.

Russian cloud Elbrus became the first example of container virtualization technology for the Elbrus platform, if we talk about the industrial level. It allows you to run several services on the same server, but each of them will receive a unique system environment (including from different operating systems) – this implementation significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.

“This project is a very big step in promoting the Elbrus platform towards the real needs of customers. For a long time, the platform was not provided with an enterprise-class virtualization solution – and now it is. The technology of our cloud can successfully work on Elbrus processors of all generations – from Elbrus-4S to Elbrus-8SV and future serial Elbrus-16S processors. This is a step forward, comparable to the appearance of the first data center based on Elbrus processors, which is currently located at the Voskhod Research Institute. It is important that during the creation of the platform, programmers from the Rostelecom competence center – real enthusiasts of their business – have fully mastered the architecture of Elbrus processors and can now professionally help other companies “climb Elbrus”. In general, the launch of a public cloud with Elbrus servers lowers the threshold for entering the ecosystem, simplifies the acquaintance with the Russian platform. We work in close contact with Rostelecom specialists and will work together to improve the cloud platform and provide customer support, ”said Konstantin Trushkin, Deputy Head of Marketing at MCST.

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