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On holidays by the sea in Vieste: an unforgettable summer

O my Pizzomunno, look at that mocking wave that sinks your defenseless love. I will remain faithful to you for life and if they were few, even another hundred years! Thus you will sweeten the deceptions of your sirens. These are the words of Max Gazzè’s song, The legend of Cristalda and Pizzomunnodedicated to city ​​of Vieste and the story of two lovers who were forever separated. Since then she has lived on the seabed, while the fisherman Pizzomunno was petrified in the faraglione which today is the symbol of the Apulian city.

Joseph Cardo

And the suggestions that this place offers are not limited to a legend. Joseph Cardo, photographer of the summer fashion services of the next issues of Vanity Fairfrom Puglia who moved to Milan, returned to those places he kept in his childhood memories for the summer special and was overwhelmed by the landscape, as he tells us: “The white walls of the Gargano cliffs they are so gigantic that you feel tiny in their presence. I found myself in front of an enchanting landscape. The sea is deep blue in the distance and crystal clear when you try to look at the bottom.”

Joseph Cardo

Thistle describes Vieste as a perfect place to escaperemained as beautiful as it once was “Vieste is still a genuine place, not engulfed by tourism. The coves and high rocky walls dominate the landscape, making the coast an enchanted and wild place at the same time. It seems like a magical place with these majestic cliffs and Mediterranean vegetation so thick that a few rays of sunshine filter through the trees. I am enraptured by such beauty.”

Joseph Cardo

Vieste and the Gargano are a small Italy within Italy – says Rossella Falcone, councilor for tourism of the city – everything is there within a few km. A short distance away are the Umbrian forest, the Gargano, there are lakes, the mountains and obviously the sea”. A sea of ​​easy accessibility: Vieste has 40 km of coastline and 20 bays, all easy to reach and different from each other. It is a destination suitable for everyone. For families there are sandy beaches to the north, to the south the coast is indented and loved by those for whom the sea must be wild. Also gSportsmen and women have their place: the bay of Scialmarino it is perfect for those who practice water sports and those who love to sail can choose different bays and caves every day and accessible only by sea. A holiday in Vieste allows you to discover a territory that is still very genuine, such as Fish us, a Mediterranean village, about 20 km north of Vieste, with its small square overlooking the sea, the small port, the castle and a long sandy beach with a beautiful pine forest behind it. The Gargano is also one trebuchet area. Ancient fishing tools, the trebuchets are found from Vieste to Peschici and are protected by the Gargano National Park. Although many have been destroyed, some remain that have also returned to activity thanks to the enhancement of some institutions, individuals and associations that have adopted them to safeguard this aspect of the Gargano tradition.

Joseph Cardo

Symbol of Italian hospitality, cared for, attentive and dedicated to guests, is the “historic” Hotel degli Aranci, which over the years has become a point of reference for both Italian and international customers. The director, Donato Esposito, explains the hospitality recipe of the Hotel degli Aranci: “it is a hotel where the staff makes the big difference: pampering, pampering, pampering even and above all when the guest is in crisis”. The Hotel is 500 meters from the historic center of Vieste and 200 from the sea and offers a series of services that have made guests loyal over the yearssuch as the summer entertainment, the swimming pool and the free shuttle service that connects the hotel with yours bathing establishment a few steps from the Pizzomunno stack. The restaurant offers a selection of dishes prepared with always fresh ingredients, chosen by Chef Antonio Armiento, which blend harmoniously in refined combinations including the gluten-free menu, which invites everyone to enjoy the pleasure of good Apulian cuisine.

The beach of the Hotel degli Aranci

A typically Apulian welcome, one that enters the heart and that is hard to forgetindeed impossible.

Joseph Cardo

Source: Vanity Fair

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