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Enes Kanter for elections in Turkey: With Erdogan in power, the country will not be free

Via Twitter, the Turkish NBA player, Enes Canterreported that the Recep Tayyip Erdogan sued him and sought his arrest on charges of “insulting the president”. He spoke exclusively to “Socionia Ora MEGA” and to the journalist, Eleftheria Davatzis, about the lawsuit.

Kanter reports that the Turkish government has approached Elon Musk to block anti-establishment journalists, otherwise the Twitter app will be banned in Turkey.

“First of all there are many videos, and I uploaded some videos, even the opposition leaders uploaded some videos where Erdogan was stealing. When they had a discussion with friends in America, with congressmen in Washington, they said that they did not believe that there could be free or fair elections. He tried to steal, he tried to forge, but the opposition is so strong that he (Erdogan included) did not succeed in self-reliance in the first round,” he said initially.

For the approach of the Turkish government to Elon Musk: According to Enes Kanter, “The Turkish government approached Elon Musk and told him ‘if you don’t block the journalists we want you to block, we will ban the app in Turkey. This was big blackmail. Elon Musk cowered in front of the dictatorship, because he blocked the journalists that Erdogan wanted. These journalists were also the most important for the elections, because they exposed Erdogan’s crimes. He chooses (Elon Musk) money instead of ethics, principles and values”.

He added: “Turkey is no longer a free country. Turkey could if a bridge between Islam and the West, but with Erdogan’s tactics it is impossible. The economy is collapsing, there are a lot of terrorist acts, and it’s very sad because it’s my country. It will take some time for Turkey if Erdogan loses so that Turkey becomes a free country again, but with Erdogan that is impossible.”

Source: News Beast

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