One person works in the Russian office of Google: bailiffs were unable to collect a fine

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Yesterday evening, September 13, bailiffs came to the Russian office of Google to recover from the IT giant an impressive fine of 32.5 million rubles – exactly the same amount since the beginning of 2021 for violating Russian law. True, the bailiffs did not succeed in getting what they wanted, since they found only one employee in the Russian office of Google – no one else was in the room. The girl, which is quite expected, is not a representative of the management, so the employee immediately called the lawyer so that he could answer all the questions of interest to the authorities in the hands-free mode.

True, the dialogue between the defender of the rights of Google and the bailiffs did not work out in the end – the lawyer said that the office of LLC “Google”, a company registered in Russia, is located in this building. If the documents, according to which the bailiffs want to collect a fine, are issued to Google LLC, then this company, according to the lawyer, is located in the United States. Moreover, Google LLC, according to the Tax Service, has no branches in Russia, which means that bailiffs need to send all the necessary documents to an office in the United States. At the moment, there is no information about whether it was possible to fine Google, as well as about the further actions of the bailiffs.

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