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Opening of “Renascer” impacts with scenes of pollution and deforestation

The remake of “Reborn” , written by Bruno Luperi, started in a different way this Wednesday (12). Instead of the beautiful images of the cocoa farms of Ilhéus, in Bahia, the plot showed an opening that alerted the public to the environmental awareness .

After showing scenes of incorrectly disposed waste, pollution, deforestation, fires and the climate consequences generated by these attitudes, the opening highlighted this phrase: “The only chance for the planet to be reborn is to act together now”.

The change in opening occurred because of a partnership between the broadcaster and a company focused on perfumery and cosmetics.

On social media, the public praised the video broadcast in prime time. “Shocked and impacted by this opening of ‘Renascer’”, wrote one profile. “Absolute cinema!”, praised another.

Source: CNN Brasil

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