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Operation against sexual exploitation ends with 115 prisoners in Minas Gerais

The Minas Gerais police launched operation Caminhos Seguros over 18 days this month, which aims to combat crimes of sexual abuse and exploitation. The actions ended on Monday (20), and the results were released on Wednesday morning (22).

Around 2,100 police officers carried out investigations on federal and state highways, in addition to nightclubs, bars, accommodation establishments, food points, gas stations, among other locations considered strategic for the repression and prevention of the crime of child sexual exploitation.

During the actions, 115 people were arrested in the act or upon execution of arrest warrants and 13 teenagers were apprehended.

More than 6,300 people were approached in 1,472 inspected locations. 65 sieges were carried out on highways and avenues, which led to the inspection of 2,990 vehicles.

In total, 86 complaints were investigated, 140 child and youth pornographic materials were collected and 75 Child Protective Services charges were issued. More than 500 investigations on the topic were launched and another 410 were completed.

Source: CNN Brasil

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