Opposition deputies ask the TCU to suspend the privatization of Eletrobras

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A group of federal deputies opposed to the federal government today asked the Federal Audit Court (TCU) to suspend the Eletrobras privatization process by the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the state-owned company itself until the analysis of questions brought to the Court on the matter is completed.

The TCU plenary should resume the judgment on the privatization of Eletrobras this Wednesday (18).

The parliamentarians also ask the TCU to grant a precautionary measure to determine that the Ministry of Mines and Energy and Eletrobras refrain from any measure for the privatization of the company until two proposals for inspection and control are concluded by the Chamber of Deputies with the support of the court.

They explain that one of these proposals seeks to investigate alleged irregularities that occurred in a public consultation by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), which “aimed to obtain subsidies to improve the draft of new concession contracts that will regulate the exploitation of hydraulic energy potential as a result of of the privatization of Eletrobras”.

The other proposal for inspection and control seeks to investigate alleged irregularities in the methodology and studies used to prepare an ordinance and resolution throughout the privatization process.

“We understand that the PFCs are complementary, and will serve to review the parameters and the grant contracts that Eletrobras will sign, essential for the formation of the privatization price”, the text says.

The deadline for processing the two PFCs expires only on May 30 of this year, they emphasize.

“This is a preventive inspection instrument, a competence of the Legislative Power advised by this Court of Auditors. If the order is subverted and privatization authorized before the Legislative Power has evaluated the inconsistencies raised, the result will be none other than the usurpation of its competence.

Sign the request: Afonso Florence (PT-BA), Alencar Santana (PT-SP), André Figueiredo (PDT-CE), Daniel Almeida (PCdoB-BA), Danilo Cabral (PSB-PE), Bohn Gass (PT-RS ), Henrique Fontana (PT-RS), Ivan Valente (PSOL-SP), Jandira Feghali (PCdoB-RJ), Joenia Waphichana (REDE-RR), Perpétua Almeida (PCdoB-AC), Paulo Fernando dos Santos (PT-AL) ), Sâmia Bomfim (Psol-SP), Bira do Pindaré (PSB-MA), Vivi Reis (PSOL-PA) and Wolney Queiroz (PDT-PE).

In the text sent to the TCU, among other points, the deputies also allege that no study was presented on the impact of privatization on tariffs passed on to consumers and question values ​​presented so far by the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

In their assessment, there was a failure in Eletrobras’ pricing, inconsistency in the macroeconomic indicators used and incorrect assessment of the value of the companies that make up the Eletrobras group.

They also consider that the public offering of shares can only take place after the CVM (Monetary Values ​​Commission) has expressed its opinion about the possible impacts of this offering.

Furthermore, they say that the segregation of Eletronuclear from Eletrobras “brings a series of risks, irregularities and unconstitutionalities”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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