Senate approves MP from the air sector that guarantees free luggage dispatch

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The Federal Senate approved, this Tuesday (17), the Provisional Measure (MP) that relaxes rules for the air sector, known as “MP for Simple Flight”. The text provides for free in the dispatch of luggage weighing up to 23 kilos on domestic flights, and 30 kilos on international trips.

The proposal also simplifies aircraft licensing, facilitates the creation of new airlines, democratizes airspace and prepares Brazil for international agreements that admit the so-called free skies. Due to changes in the text, the matter goes back to the Chamber of Deputies.

The measure’s rapporteur, Senator Carlos Viana (PL-MG), removed the section dealing with luggage in the text he presented to the plenary. “It is important to highlight that the approval of this measure could have a significant impact on the air transport sector. (…) It was argued – correctly – that it would be a factor that would help to lower ticket prices. So there was the expectation that we would already be enjoying the lower prices today,” claimed Viana, in an attempt to remove the gratuity of the text.

However, the leader of the PSD in the House, senator Nelsinho Trad (PSD-MS) presented an amendment – ​​which was approved by 53 votes to 16 – to resume the text from the Chamber and enforce the gratuity. “It’s good for both sides: this MP is already an advance for airlines and free luggage is the rescue of a situation of a differentiated treatment to the consumer”, he argued.

Authorization for the collection of checked bags was made official in 2017. The airlines claimed, at the time, that this would reduce the value of the tickets. Nelsinho Trad presented data that show that, even with the collection of luggage, the price of the ticket rose 8% in 2019 and 20% last year.

The National Secretary of Civil Aviation at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ronei Glanzmann, said earlier this month that the return of free baggage clearance in commercial aviation is a “great setback that feeds the scenario of legal uncertainty in Brazil, one of the reasons for which new airlines have not yet set up shop in the country,” he said.

“Attracting a new airline to Brazil is a work of many years, sometimes of decades”, stated Glanzmann in a public hearing promoted by the Committees on Infrastructure and Economic Affairs of the Senate.

The rapporteur also welcomed the suggestion that the Social Contribution for Aeronautical Vocational Education, which today has the Air Fund as its destination, keep only 60% of the collected for the Air Fund and start allocating 40% to the Social Transport Service – SEST and for the National Transport Learning Service – SENAT.

In this sense, the amendment estimates that R$ 327,497,642.85 will no longer be collected for the Air Fund in the following four financial years. On the other hand, expenses in the amount of R$ 69,286,727.07 will be reduced.

“Therefore, the estimated budgetary-financial impact, subtracting the expected expenses, is R$ 258,210,915.78. Such budget impact will be offset with the transfer of 3% (three percent) of the amounts owed as a counterpart to the Union due to airport infrastructure grants”, said Carlos Viana in the report.

aircraft leasing

Also this Tuesday, the Federal Senate approved the Provisional Measure that provides exemption from Income Tax Withheld at Source (IRRF) for payments for leasing (leasing) of aircraft by Brazilian companies to companies abroad. Text goes to the sanction or veto of the presidency of the Republic.

The tax reduction is valid until the end of 2026, but for 2022 and 2023, the MP reduces the rate from 15% to zero. The proposal also provides for a rate of 1% for 2024; 2% for 2025 and 3% for 2026.

*With information from the Senate Agency

Source: CNN Brasil

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