Optima bank signed an agreement for its participation in the Greece 2.0 Recovery and Durability program

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Optima bank signed the business agreement with the Ministry of Finance, which formalizes the bank’s participation in the Recovery and Durability program Greece 2.0, which aims to modernize and develop the Greek economy.

Accepting the public invitation of the Ministry of Finance to the banks, Optima bank, as mentioned in a relevant announcement, “proudly declares its presence in this historic national effort for the recovery of the Greek economy. The signing of the business contract marks the beginning of the process of submitting applications for financing to the bank and paves the way for the disbursement of the first loans to companies “.

By participating in the Recovery and Sustainability Fund program, Optima bank contributes to the reconstruction of the Greek economy, through the financing of innovative and new investments, inaugurating a new era for entrepreneurship and society.

The CEO of Optima bank, Mr. Dimitris Kyparissis noted in this regard: “Optima bank, by signing the business agreement for its participation in the Recovery & Resilience Fund program, declares its readiness to support the most important financial program of the Greek economy. The Greece 2.0 plan and the almost € 31 billion in EU grants and funding are the greatest national opportunity, given that disbursements to Member States will be based on the fulfillment of milestones and targets, not expenditure, we have the unique opportunity and ultimate responsibility to lay the foundations for our future and that of our children.In this, we must succeed.We must all give our best and especially realize that the stakes are beyond and above the Greek financial system. on the first day supported, supports and will support in practice the national development program and we are ready to welcome with the investment plans of all those companies with ambitions and vision, that deserve every possible help. ”


Source From: Capital

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