Orlando Bloom, thrill on the SUP: the encounter with a white shark

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Thrilling experience for Orlando Bloom. The American star posted on Instagram a video in which, balanced above his SUP (Stand Up Paddle), look at the silhouette of one White shark that swirls beneath him. The clip was shot off Malibu, presumably with a drone, and resumes the precise moment in which the predator of the seas appears near the table from paddleboarding of the actor.

Probably mindful of his past since Will Turner (his iconic character in the saga of “Pirates of the Caribbean»), Orlando retained self-control and continued to paddle slowly, avoiding sudden movements or sudden changes of direction: «When fear becomes your friend», He wrote on Instagram on the sidelines of the post, feeling this time perhaps more on the set of “The shark” from Steven Spielberg.

Many applauded the courage by Bloom, including the photographer Carlos Gauna who immortalized the scene. “Every time I shoot from above the meeting between white sharks and humans, known great curiosity on both sides, ”he revealed on his social page. “I’m not an expert of sharks, but I love the look of the people who realize they have been neighbors to this predator ».

“There is a little bit of surprise mixed with fear, but I see more and more people happy asking questions about sharks, ”the reporter added. “Sure, there have been attacks in the past and we must always be responsible and be careful when we interact with them, but if we show how often these sharks coexist with us, we can really start to change the perception we have of these beautiful creatures».

“I even filmed Orlando Bloom next to a young white shark from decent size. It was nice to share the knowledge I gained from him with him scientists I’ve worked with: sharks can be scary, but a world without it would be far scarier. Are they the real protagonists of the sea “. Even with Orlando around.

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