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Osso Smash, the hamburger by award-winning chef Renzo Garibaldi, now has delivery in SP

They don’t stop! Not even a month ago William It is Alexandre Mora names behind popular restaurants Color It is Bone specialized in meats, opened the Fire . The three houses are in conjunction with the award-winning Peruvian chef and butcher Renzo Garibaldi with a focus on impeccable meats, especially aged ones, but the younger sister has a more relaxed proposal.

Now they want to dominate the deliveries and, no doubt, they will succeed. In the coming weeks they will launch four different delivery operations.

The new delivery operations are: bone smash house , with a focus on thinly pressed hamburgers; the Osso Burger, a restaurant that already exists in Peru and that here will follow the same menu as chef Renzo, with only minor adjustments to the Brazilian palate; Osso Carniceria, for grills on duty who want to get their hands dirty and prepare the brand’s premium proteins at home; and the delivery of Cór Bakehouse, the group’s artisanal bakery.

The first to go into operation, in the first week of April, will be Bone Smash House, which in early 2020 even gained a physical point, but closed its doors due to the pandemic. Now, just with delivery the house specializing in thin, plate-pressed hamburgers will offer five snack options at attractive prices.

They are: Cheese burger with two 60g hamburgers (R$ 26); Cheese salad (R$29); Cheese bacon (R$ 29); Traditional Bone with bacon marmalade, American cheese and pickle mayonnaise (R$ 32); and Veggie made with marinated mushrooms and American cheese (R$32). Served with house fries (R$16).

Bone Smash House: delivery via iFood from April/23.

Source: CNN Brasil

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