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Oxygen Remains Until 11PM. Bali Is Desperately Looking For A Sunken Submarine Of The Indonesian Navy

Oxygen Remains Until 11pm. Bali Is Desperately Looking For A

North of the island of Bali, the “desperate search” for the missing April 21 submarine of the Indonesian Navy continues, AFP writes. According to the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the country, the crew of 53 people, if he is alive, in the most optimistic scenario, oxygen remains for several hours.


Yesterday evening, the Indonesian military said that an “unidentified object with high magnetism” may have been found in the search area at a depth of 50 to 100 meters. There are ships with sonar equipment deployed in the hope that this is the KRI Nanggala 402 submarine.

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“We only have time until 03:00 on Saturday night (23:00 Friday in Kiev, – ed.), so today we are maximizing our efforts, “said Indonesian military attaché Ahmad Riyadh.

A fuel spill has been noticed in the area where the 1979 submarine built at a shipyard in Germany is believed to have sunk. In addition, there are fears that she could have sunk at a depth of 700 m, which is well below the critical threshold of her strength.

The submarine was supposed to conduct exercises with combat torpedoes. Soon after the dive, contact with her was lost.

The KRI Nanggala 402 is a Chakra class 209/1300 multipurpose patrol submarine, widely used by the navies of many countries. Assembled in Germany under the project Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft. The flagship among submarines of the Indonesian Navy with a mass of 1395 tons and dimensions of 59.5×6.3×5.5 m.Working diving depth – 200 m, test – 240, maximum – 280, autonomy 50 days.

Yesterday, the US military said it was sending airborne teams to assist in the search. Two ships of the Australian Navy are going to the site of the alleged crash. India, Singapore and Malaysia have also sent ships, including a submarine rescue vessel, but they won’t arrive until the weekend.



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