Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, a film about “tormented, but infinite” love

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A film project dates back to a long time ago. Ozzy Osbourne he should have told part of his life and career, part of his music with a biopic. But the initial project, the idea of ​​deepening the lights and shadows of the frontman of the Black Sabbath, soon gave way to more. Variety he confirmed, in fact, that a film will be made, but his heart will not be musical.

“Our relationship at the time was often wild, tortured and dangerous, but it was our infinite love that held us together. We are excited to be able to bring our story to the screen “, said Ozzy Osbourne and the wife Sharon, explaining how the film – untitled to date – is aimed at retracing their deep bond. A relationship born in the early Eighties and culminating, a little later, in the more pop consecration that a rocker could and should aspire to: the proposal, then accepted, of a television program. The Osbournes it allowed the audience to see up close what it meant to be famous, to live a life as a star. It gave Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon the chance to make themselves known in a different light, which should shine again in the film.

The film, co-produced by Sharon Osbourne and his sons, Jack and Aimée, together with Sony, should rediscover the intimacy of the spouses, intertwining their story with the history of music: the songs of Black Sabbath, a past and never forgotten era.


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