P. Marinakis: SYRIZA and Al. Tsipras instrumentalizes human pain’

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“SYRIZA and Alexis Tsipras use human suffering as a tool and do not hesitate to indirectly adopt many of what the Turkish propaganda says and it is not the first time they do this”, said Pavlos Marinakis about the refugee-immigrant issue in an interview with OPEN television station.

“Their sensitivity in this matter is more than hypocritical, as we are talking about the Government of Moria, which was condemned by the world community, while adopting a policy that there are no borders in the sea”, he added.

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Speaking about the government’s policy, the ND Secretary referred to the unaccompanied minors, the reduction in immigration flows by 90%, as well as the significant reduction in pending asylum applications.

He also stated that “in SYRIZA they are capable of saying anything to return to power, but let’s see how they perceive the return to power when the official opposition leader himself chillingly writes that a simple change of power is not enough, but is required restarting the institutions and Justice”.

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“The bottom line is SYRIZA’s chauvinism and this shows how they really perceive Democracy and institutions,” he continued, “they were talking about non-existent vaccines just before the vaccination campaign, they often adopt Turkish propaganda, they are able to ally with anyone, they don’t care nothing, but to turn in the chair.”

Regarding the issue of legal connections, he said, among other things, that incidents were reported for the SYRIZA-ANEL period, but they were never investigated.

Responding to a verbal attack by SYRIZA MP Panos Skourletis, the Secretary of the Political Committee of New Democracy stated that “SYRIZA was and remains the most toxic opposition in the history of the nation” and expressed his certainty that “there will not be a second time and this the world will decide.”

“You never cared about Democracy or the institutions. You ruled in the most authoritarian way and you have specific executives who say that we should put political opponents in prison,” he added.

Source: Capital

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