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Pabllo Vittar wears a green and yellow look for the LGBT+ Parade in SP

Pabllo Vittar used social media to reveal the look he intends to wear in 28th São Paulo LGBT+ Pride Parade, which takes place this Sunday (2) at Paulista Avenue.

The drag queen chose one green and yellow shirt to celebrate the event, she had already called on her fans to attend the Parade using the colors of the Brazilian flag.

The organizers have been calling on people to wear the colors of the flag and the Brazilian team's blouse in the parade. The idea is to try to recover the symbol, which in recent years has been used by the extreme right in marches, for progressive political movements.

The theme of the São Paulo Parade this year is “Enough of Negligence and Setbacks in the Legislature – Vote consciously for the rights of the LGBT+ population ”.

Starting at 10am, the parade will feature 16 electric trios who, for the first time, will drive on the odd side of the track . Organizers hope to repeat attendance figures from previous years. Furthermore, the public will be advised to enter via Haddock Lobo and Bela Cintra streets to avoid works occurring where Rua da Consolação meets Avenida Paulista.

The São Paulo Parade is considered one of the largest in the world, having entered the Guinness World Book in 2006, with 2.5 million people.

Check out the main attractions of the 2024 LGBT+ Pride Parade

  • Amstel Trio: Glory Groove
  • Burger King Trio: Band UÓ
  • Loreal Brazil Trio: Sandra de Sa It is Ludmillah Anjos
  • Trio Terra: Tiago Abravanel , Filipe Catto It is wormqueens
  • Live Trio: Pablo Vittar

Source: CNN Brasil

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