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Palestinian Red Crescent denies IDF claims of gunmen attacks from al-Quds hospital

The Palestinian Red Crescent tonight condemned the “false claims” of Israelis armed forces (IDF) on attacks received by gunmen who used as a base the facilities of the Al-Quds Hospital in Gauze.

In her post on the X platform (formerly Twitter), she speaks of a blatant attempt to justify the siege and the damage to the hospital, which constitute “clear violations of international humanitarian law”.

An IDF spokesman said today that the Israeli armed forces have collected evidence that Hamas is using hospitals to launch attacks. The IDF’s official X Platform account posted a video earlier today showing gunmen launching an attack on Israeli forces, accompanied by the comment “What are these Hamas terrorists doing with RPGs in Al Quds Hospital?”

A few hours later, the Palestinian Red Crescent denied the “baseless claims”, underlining that the video in question “clearly shows gunmen approaching from an (adjacent) road, while tanks of the occupation forces are in front of the hospital”, putting the lives of doctors at risk , nurses and patients.

He reiterates that there are no armed men in the facilities of Al Kotz, adding that inside the hospital are only “patients, their families and the medical staff”, asking for the immediate intervention of the international community.

Source: News Beast

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