Pamela Anderson assures that she was harassed by Tim Allen and he responds

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Pamela Anderson is about to pitch Love, Pamela, an autobiographical book in which he will reveal passages from his personal and professional life and all the harassment and violence that he experienced in his early days in Hollywood. Although the copy has not reached bookstores, the magazine Variety He already had access to some fragments, discovering that the actress was the victim of harassment by her set partner Tim Allen.

Both actors worked together on the comedy series improving the house, which was a success during the 90s. At that time, she would be 23 years old and he would be 37.

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Cover of the book Love, Pamela by Pamela Anderson

In accordance with VarietyPamela narrated that everything happened on her first day of recording on the set of Improving the house. She settled in her dressing room, rehearsed her dialogues and when she left, she ran into Tim, who was only wearing a long white robe, which he opened in front of her, revealing his private parts without any shame.

On the first day of shooting, I came out of my dressing room and Tim was in the hallway wearing a robe. He opened his robe and quickly exposed himself, he was completely naked. He said that it was fair, because he had seen me naked. ‘Now we are even’. I laughed awkwardly.

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For now, it has not been revealed if this was the only time the actor had this type of sharing or if someone else from the staff he was also an accomplice.

Pamela Anderson and Tim Allen

Pamela has not confirmed or denied the information of Variety. However, Tim has already sent a small and forceful message, denying the accusations against him.

No, that never happened. She would never do something like that.

Sources close to the actor stated that he will not give any further statements on the subject, as he believes that it is all about bad marketing and he is not willing to participate in it.

Source: Okchicas

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