Pamela Prati: «They believed Roberto Cazzaniga, not me. I thought about suicide “

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It’s been two years since the scandal Mark Caltagirone, apotheosis of each fake boyfriend, made the whole of Italy talk, also passionate those not accustomed to gossip. The nonexistent betrothed of Pamela Prati it has long since run its course, forgotten by most. But then in recent days a similar story has come out, or at least as incredible: also Roberto Cazzaniga was the victim of a sentimental scam online. The volleyball player, cheated online for 15 years by a woman who pretended to be the model Alessandra Ambrosio, he has been reduced to the street for the fake girlfriend. And the sixty-three year old Pamela Prati, interviewed by Corriere della Sera, has returned to talk about the alleged “catfish” – as it is defined in the United States – which has led her to believe that she is one step away from marriage to a man who does not really exist. Explaining: «When I realized it was all a fiction I felt faint, I lacked air. A terrifying psychological violence. I’ve never said this before, but I also have thought about taking my life. The end of a story is always a trauma, but discovering that a person doesn’t even exist is a psychological shock. The thing that hurts me the most is that a cordon of solidarity has formed around Roberto Cazzaniga, when it happened to me I was pilloried».

Many, at the time, doubted the soubrette’s sincerity, convinced that she had concocted everything to advertise herself. Instead, she has always claimed to have been plagiarized and has always pointed the finger at hers ex manager Michelazzo Eliana and Pamela Perricciolo, claiming that they were the real puppeteers of the grotesque case. Now, al Corriere della Sera, Pamela confirms the same version of the facts: “I was manipulated by two people who knew my frailties. There are many people who end up in the same trap as me, and today my commitment is to raise public awareness about this kind of scams “.

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It all started, says Prati, from a «Damn ‘bite’ on Instagram“. Then the nonexistent he slowly gained the soubrette’s trust to the point of making her believe it was ready to take her to the altar. And also that they would be part of their family two adopted children, a boy and a girl. It seems impossible, but Prati explains that the fake boyfriend deceived her “promising me meetings that have never been, making calls that cut short because he was somewhere in the world – for his job – where the line was weak. It then hooked me into my most suffering part talking to me about sick and abandoned children, whom he had adopted and which he had to deal with. I, who lived in an orphanage from 2 to 9 years, went haywire».

Pamela heard “every day” the non-existent Mark Caltagirone, “with messages and above all audio notes. He had a warm, familiar voice, he courted me in a sweet way, almost like a father figure. One day that system that manipulated me takes me to a bar, I find them a child who calls me “mom” and he hugs me, I burst into tears and we hug each other tightly. He was the child of the photos and videos who had been writing to me for months and calling me mom via message. I only found out he was a child hired by an actor agency when the castle of lies collapsed and they told me the truth».

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Pamela had even bought the wedding dress, “it was the one of my dreams, as I always imagined ». AND she still keeps at home «the gifts I bought for the two children, once I organized a birthday party for the boy on my terrace, who then obviously, with an excuse, they never brought me anymore, I have videos, messages, tests, gifts. My greatest desire is to be able to show everything I own in order to demonstrate to people how macabre it was all“. Some believe that Pamela has enriched herself with this grotesque story. “The truth,” she says, “is that duped people like me also end up being robbed, Cazzaniga spent 700 thousand euros and even got into debt ».


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